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Junghans Watches are a German company established in 1861 and are the decisive company renowned for their famous time keeping. By 1900 they were the largest clock makers in the world. In 1970, they launched the worlds first quartz wristwatch and were the official time keepers to the 1972 Olympic games. They were the inventors of the atomic clock, operated by radio signal to provide the most accurate time keeping in the world. The atomic clock movement is now miniaturised and the make them in wristwatch format. The atomic clocks are amongst the most accurate in the world. They still do maintain some of their original values though and make watches in the traditional manner, that being automatic and hand wound watches.

Junghans Watches also have a proud aeronautical history as they are also well established clock makers - In 1900, they were the largest clock maker in the world. They manufactured dashboard clocks and instruments for the early 20th century fighter aircraft, as well as the instrument panel clocks in the famous Zeppelin air ships.In 1970, they launched the world's first quartz wristwatch and were the official timekeeper for the Olympic Games in Munich in 1972.
Since this time, Junghans have been instrumental in the development of atomic clocks and watches, with installations around the world setting standards for the most accurate time keeping in the world.In addition, Junghans continue to develop environmentally friendly solar powered watches that do not need batteries Junghans Watches are covered by a two year manufacturers warranty