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Mental Thoughts On Time



The Dissolution of Time

Not many people out there have heard of this theory, that's because it is mine. I postulated this theory as an undergraduate and was nearly thrown out of my college because they thought that I was making a mockery of science, and that my attitude was degenerate, disrespectful and that I was a discredit to the institute.

However, there was no great thinker, philosopher, scientist or artist who went through life without their peers taunting, slandering, scorning, ridiculing or stealing their ideas.
Anyway, to my theory, The Dissolution of Time:
Why time dissolves as a moving system approaches the speed of light.
Time in a moving system will be observed by a moving observer within that system to be dissolving by the factor.
Where t is time, v is velocity and c is the speed of light If you were to travel in an object that approached the speed of light, unprecedented changes will take place causing your brain to dissolve, your eyeballs to explode, and your innards to melt and be regurgitated through your nostrils. Death will inevitably follow, but due the dilation of time (which in this theorem, has an effect within the microcosm of the moving object), it will take about one year for you to die, so death will be excruciatingly painful.
You will be reduced to a bumbling, incontinent, incompetent deformed mass. Your heinous disability will limit you to the confounds of pure waste and nuisance material. Your revolting salivating persona will be the subject of agonising repulsion to even the hardest of onlookers. The cruelest of tormenters will quiver and cry on mere glimpse of your face. You will be a freak to the extent that even science will be dumbfounded by your appearance and physical transformation. Medical science will ostracise you and your body will be destroyed along with your medical records so as to rid the world of the most wretched and horrid infestation to have appeared on this planet.
The good side to this effect is that due to Lorentz contraction you will appear slimmer, and thus more attractive to women. This is of course provided that they ignore your otherwise diabolical deformities and hideous disability.
My hypothesis therefore, is that whilst traveling at high speed can be macho, exciting and attractive to women, don't do it as you may end up with the looks and the intelligence of the average university professor.


Time Travel

Given my last Hypothesis - don' even go there! But HG Wells' "The Time Machine" makes fascinating and thought provoking reading. One man's struggle to change the future in an apocalyptical world. Nice
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