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The Paradox of Time

Some Thoughts on Time

Have you ever wondered what time actually is? Most people (quite rightly) couldn't be bothered. It's there. It's always been there and it will always be. Some people hate time because it rules their lives, too much time is spent at work and not enough at home or playing out .

Time is a fascinating subject. Man is his quest for order and perfection has long since studied the Earth's orbit around the Sun and the Moon's orbit around the Earth. These constants brought about order in terms of days, months, years and seasons.

We did not invent time, it was already there. All we needed to do was to understand it.

In our quest for order and perfection, man has been ingenious in creating instruments to record time. The subject is called Horology. This has become one of man's life long obsessions. Time pieces bring discipline, consistency, order and an understanding of our world.
Horology has also brought mechanical and design genius combined with pure artistic inspiration to many of the original watch making pioneers - as well as their descendants who carry on the tradition.
For many hobbyists like myself, time and timepieces become an obsession.
Read the "thoughts on time" pages to understand more about what time is and why man is un-relinquished in the pursuit of understanding it.
Pure mechanical and artistic genius - the Omega Caliber.861 Chronograph movement
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