Momo Design Watches

In 1981 following MOMO’s success as a leading business in luxury car accessories, Momo Design Watches was founded, in order to offer to the company a Style Centre specialized in research and design development.Since the very first years, MOMODESIGN has focused on research activity in car design and development of ideas and innovative projects in lifestyle accessories, creating a product line that helped building the image of the brand. The patrimony it inherited was the image created by Momo, a heritage handed down over the years, closely connected to the racing world, especially to F1 and Ferrari, with products based on design and avant-garde products for cars with a sporty and technological imprint.

During the early ’80, the technological DNA contributed with the creation of an accessory line for men realized with highly innovative materials: carbon fibre, titanium and magnesium, used for the creation of the first watches and sunglasses. A choice that the market proved to understand and appreciate.At the end of the nineties after having sold the group MOMO to an American company, Marco Cattaneo the managing director decided to detach himself from the group and acquire MOMODESIGN, undertaking with the fundamental support of his son and daughter Paolo and Eleonora, a new challenge: transform MOMODESIGN in an independent and international brand with its own identity and philosophy.
The business today. Research, innovation and creativity are still today Momo Design Watches philosophy strongholds.Over the years Momo Design Watches has evolved but the style centre has maintained its fundamental creativity role: a wide laboratory without division walls, offices with every kind of material, colours, instruments, designers, architects and stylists, this eclectic team perceives every signal from the external world.Main role of the style centre is the definition and planning of objects with an unmistakable, personal and characterising tract; MOMODESIGN objects.
The definition of guide lines start from the concept of a new model, with the development of design projects and successively style research: a meticulous study of details, materials and colors, to create an immediately recognizable product.