Speedometer Official Classic Watches

The Original Glycine Airman was born in 1953, and was a world success. This model was launched at the 2002 Basel Watch Fair to meet the demand for this legendary classic – it is a true and perfect homage to original 1953 Glycine Airman. It is the same design and same size as the 1953 original.

Speedometer Official Classic Watches is a small Swiss company formed in 1914 in Bienne Switzerland, by the distinguished and revered Meylan family, who have been associated with watch making for centuries, and have been responsible for many designs still in production or recognised today across a range of big band watch companies.
Speedometer Official Classic Watches carry on the Swiss tradition of craftsmanship, unique design and the highest quality precision timepieces. They are best known for the 24 hour Glycine Airman which was, first produced in 1953. They remain enthusiastic and at the forefront of unique and bold new designs.