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Mondaine is a Swiss clock and watchmaker perhaps best known for their timeless Swiss Railway design. The company we now know as the Swiss watchmaker Automatic Mondaine Watches originally began in 1951 as Frank & Berheim, the name Mondaine being registered in 1954. In 1959 they took over Nuchatel SA which is were they are currently base in Nuchatel, Switzerland. The company has continued to expand since then, especially with their popular "M-Watch". The Mondaine brand name was introduced into Switzerland in 1990.

The style for which Automatic Mondaine Watches is probably best known is that based on the traditional railway clock. Their Official Swiss Railway watch is a design classic, combining both simplicity and practicality with simple elegance. Mondaine is the official watch for Swiss Railways and in 1994 a Mondaine railway clock was installed in the main Zurich train station where it acts as a meeting point and landmark.
The traditional railway watch has a white face with black hands.The Swiss Railway station clock design has been expertly reproduced by Mondaine into stylish and practical wristwatches 
Automatic Mondaine Watches are covered by a two year manufacturers warranty