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Patek Philippe 18k Gents Automatic Pocket Watch PAT 10
  • Thickness14mm
  • Case MaterialGold 18k
  • ConditionMint
  • MovementHand Winding

Patek Philippe Chronometro Gondolo

Mint condition and barely used Patek Philippe Chronometro Gondolo 18 K rose gold antique pocket watch with extract from the archives. The watch has been in a safe most of its life, the case has never been polished and there are no cracks or chips in the enamel dial. The name "Gondolo" that designates one of the families in the current Patek Philippe line originates from a chapter of the company's history that unfolded in Brazil. Between 1900 and 1928, the Geneva workshops produced "Chronometro Gondolo" pocket and wristwatches for Gondolo & Labouriau, a jeweler in Rio de Janeiro. Patek Philippe's relationship with Gondolo & Labouriau began in 1872, when Patek Philippe delivered its first pocket watch to Gondolo. Initially, Gondolo & Labouriau distributed ordinary pocket watches from the Patek Philippe range. The first, sold on Nov. 12, 1872, was an 18-ligne pocket watch with a lever escapement in a silver case. In 1900, the Rio de Janeiro jeweler commissioned Patek Philippe to make an exclusive pocket watch henceforth designated "Chronometro Gondolo".


The first deliveries were made that year. The caliber of this model was made of gold-plated brass, in some cases with rhodium finish, and adorned with Geneva striping. The caliber was the same for all watch sizes and featured an S-shaped fourth wheel bridge and two parallel curved cocks for the minute and escapement wheels, a bridge for the spring barrel, and a massive cock for the ratchet. This caliber design was typical of Patek Philippe. It was patented in the United States on January 13, 1891, and the movements of most Chronometro Gondolo models refer to this U.S. patent. The technical specifications for the watches in this exclusive series were specified by Gondolo & Labouriau as follows: 1. A Swiss lever escapement with a lever having lateral winglet-shaped counter poises, called the moustache lever due to its shape. 2. A precision regulator using a cam wheel regulator according to Swiss patent No. 142376 applied for by Adrien Philippe and granted on April 16,1880. 3. Fourth, intermediate, and minute wheels made of 9K rose gold. 4. A square socket in the mainspring barrel arbor. Several features of the movement did not have to be explicitly specified because they were the norm around 1900 for a watch manufacturer of Patek Philippe's stature. They include the winding wheels with saw-toothed or wolfs-tooth profiles; 18, 19, 20, or 21 jewels; a Breguet-style curved over coil of the flat balance spring; and a bimetallic compensation balance.


The Gondolo & Labouriau inventive marketing techniques enabled them to become the world's largest retailer of Patek Philippe watches. The watch is in immaculate condition inside and out. The case is made from 18 karat rose gold and is unpolished and has no wear of any significance as it has been in a safe for most of its life. The case is fully hallmarked on the inner cover and correctly stamped, as is the inner dust cover. The case back is factory engraved as many of the Coronometro Gondolo watches were specifically made for customers. The engraving is of high quality an clearly factory engraved. Also the extract from the archives states that it is engine turned engraved with the initials CM. The movement is a 20 jewel counter poised moustache lever escapement, the winding wheels are saw-toothed or wolfs-tooth profiles, Breguet curved over coil of the flat balance spring; and a bimetallic compensation balance and it has 9 karat gold fourth, intermediate and minute wheels. The watch face is an open face bassine style with white enamel dial and Roman numerals and small second hand. The dial is fully and correctly marked. The date of manufacture is 1907 and was sold on 6th August 1907. This is a wonderful collectors piece in immaculate condition and a collector’s dream watch in perfect running order. Comes in replacement box. The width is 51mm and thickness is 14 mm. Ref PAT 10. 

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