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Kurono Grand Mori Anniversary NWW 2170

Kurono Grand Mori Anniversary

The 2022 Anniversary Grand Mori '森' features the traditional Kyoto-style handmade Japanese lacquer technique. Each dial is a masterpiece that is individually handcrafted by the female craftsmen in Kyoto who inherited the technique. Sharing the same sentiment as creators who aim to create the best products without compromise from Japan provided an opportunity for both the female craftsmen to work alongside with Hajime-sensei to achieve this goal. The 2022 Anniversary Grand Mori '森' - as an anniversary watch - aims to deliver incredible value by bringing high-level artisanship at wider levels of accessibility.

Urushi has been used as a lacquer in Japan for more than 10,000 years. The sap from the lacquer tree is refined and colored with pigments and other ingredients to produce a final work characterized by its beautiful finish and durability. Lacquer trees are 10 to 20 years old when their sap can finally be harvested. After the sap is collected, the trees die, and new trees are planted by hand. Only about 200 grams of sap can be extracted from each tree, making it extremely valuable and increasingly rare.

Each of the 2022 Anniversary Grand Mori '森' dial is crafted by hand by a master craftsperson. The dial has a gold-gilded (color) before the application of urushi. This is on purpose as the yellow colour base together with the translucent green urushi will allow for warmer and richer tones so as to enhance the depth of the patterns. The subtly slanted arabic hour markers printed in silver on the urushi dial gives a light dynamism to the overall feel of the watch - and alludes to the rustling of leaves in gentle wind.

The subtle, distinctive trait of the urushi is that when exposed to natural and UV light, it will turn brighter over time due to moisture loss which usually takes years. For our Kurono customers, depending on the country you are situated in, the urushi dial will change colour, creating a unique piece for each of you.

Kurono watches with the 'Grand' designation feature an elevated level of artisanal craftsmanship, and is differentiated not only by its innate beauty, but also with a signature caseback exclusive to 'Grand' watches. The focal point of this exclusive caseback is Hajime-sensei’s signature embellished in bold kanji calligraphy alongside the impression of his one-of a-kind hanko stamp. The first four images are catalogue pictures.

Hand-applied urushi lacquer dial
Japan-made Premium Automatic movement 90S5 by Miyota
sapphire glass
Embellished caseback
28,800 vibrations / hour, power reserve 40 hours
Waterproof to 3 ATM
316L high-polished 37mm stainless steel case
Thickness: 7mm (excl sapphire glass)
Black calf leather band with green embellished sides
20mm at lugs, 16mm at buckle
Made in Japan
Limited, there will be no re-editions

Key Characteristics

Band: Leather Strap
Case Material: Steel
Condition: Mint
Movement: Automatic
Type: Modern
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