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Sinn Sinn 900 Flieger GMT Chronograph 900

Sinn 900 Flieger GMT Chronograph

The 900 flieger along with the multi function and the 958 Fulda challenge is Sinn’s most technical watch yet. It is a most impressive and technical looking with many practical uses as it has a plethora of functions and features. As well as it having technical features, the movement itself is also very technical, Swiss made Seletta automatic.


The movement is a mechanical lever movement with self-winding mechanism, 25 jewels and 28.800 vibrations per hour refined working parts including blued screws and decorated rotor, it is antimagnetic according to DIN 8309 and shock resistance according to DIN 8308. The time setting has stopping mechanism for accurate time setting, quick adjustment of date, metering range of chronograph is 12 hours and of course split seconds mechanism.


The dial display functions and features include, luminous hands and indices, hours, minutes, seconds, date indication at 3 position, sweep seconds, 30-minute recorder, 12-hour recorder, second time zone hand and 24 hour scale used for independent second time zone, 60-minute scale, pilots rotating bezel with minute division – this is an internal rotating 24 bezel operated by the crown at the 10 position (which is also used with the second time zone hand).


I this an argon filled case whci is an inert gas and has no moisture thus preserving the integrity of the movement. The case back has an imperial to metric conversion chart laser printed in it. These include Temperature: Degree of Celsius in degrees of Fahrenheit, fuel consumption: Liter/100 km into miles by gallon (mpg), speed: Kilometer per hour into miles by hour (mph), kDruck: MPa in Kilos pound by square inch (ksi), tire pressure: bar in pound by square inch (psi) as well as the speed indices for passenger car tires.


The case is high grade stainless steel, DIN material number 1,4435, tegiment treated to give a highly durable and robust case harness of 1200 HV (Vickers surface hardness). Internal integrated magnetic field protection up to 80,000 A/m (and/or 100 mT) . Screw down crown, scratch resistant sapphire crystal, integrated pusher protection and water resistant according to DIN 8310, pressure resistant up to 20 bar = approx 200 m water depth. Dimensions are: width is 44 mm excluding the crown, 47 mm including the crown. Lug to lug is 50 mm and thickness is 16 mm. 


Key Characteristics

Brand: Sinn
Band: Leather Strap
Case Material: Steel
Condition: Brand New
Movement: Automatic
Thicknes: 16mm & 9.5mm

Additional Product Details

Sinn Watches was formed in 1961 by the legendary pilot and flight instructor Helmut Sinn. They began manufacturing flight watches based on his extensive aviation experience, this was primarily based on Mr. Sinn's dissatisfaction with the watches that were available for pilot and navigational purposes at that time. His own designs incorporated the features and functionality that he felt more fit for purpose as an instrument watch. This is a design philosophy that has transcended the company's culture right through to the present day. Sinn is now the world's most eminent manufacturer of high quality, precision, functional and purposeful instrument watches. From the beginning, their emphasis was on creating special purpose instruments that performed under extremely adverse operating conditions such as high speed, high and low pressures and altitudes, intense heat or pressure, extreme cold, high magnetic interference, and submergence in liquids. Sinn are becoming increasingly known for their instrument watches, and are today a force to be reckoned with as they lead the way in instrument watch design. The company changed hands in 1994 when Lothar Schmidt formerly of IWC assumed control and further expanded the boundaries of Sinn’s high tolerance manufacturing expertise. Over the past decade, Sinn has pioneered some innovative new technologies, including oil filled watch chambers to enable operation under extreme pressures, argon gas filled watches to prevent moisture infiltration, impact resistant gear suspensions, and new micro-lubricating techniques. Their timepieces are standard equipment in some of the most dangerous and adverse environments on earth - little surprise their watches are issued to the German military and elite forces. Above all the watches are manufactured and marketed to the world at large. Like the designs and their application areas, the pricing of the Sinn watches is most aggressive, making them available to most people. Due to distribution agreements Sinn watches can only be shipped to the UK and Ireland and certain countries where there is no Sinn agent assigned to that territory. Sinn watches are covered by a two or three year manufacturers warranty depending on the model.