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Sinn Sinn Flieger Wristwatch 757 UTC DIAPAL 757 UTC DIAPAL

Sinn Flieger Wirstwatch 757 UTC DIAPAL

Variations on the 757 and the 756 Diaplam, to create the 757 Diapal. This combines two of Sinn’s most popular models to create a watch fit for all purposes. The Sinn 757 UTC DIAPAL is chronograph with a completely lubricant free escapement, which is a world first. Every wristwatch requires a service every few years as the escapement wheels and pallets need lubricating to avoid friction. Sinn used the technological innovations of the space program to develop a lubrication free escapement called DIAPAL, which is a reference to the friction reducing technique of replacing the ruby pallet stones with diamonds, hence the name DIAmond PALlets. The diamond pallets are then fitted to the traditional movements, in this case the Valjoux 7750, so you have the tried and tested Valjoux 7750, which is the world standard for automatic chronographs, which has been modified with space age technology to make it friction free. This is a technology which has been years in the making at the Sinn labs. In addition to the movement The cases are treated with “Tegiment” process. This is the process where the ice-hardened outer layer of special anti-corrosive stainless steel is hardened to 1,200 Vickers which is four times harder than nickeliferous high grade stainless steel used in other high quality stainless steel watches. This steel process is rarely found in watches, but is more often found in surgical instruments, and aerospace and aviation. The bracelet is treated in the same process to give it equal strength to the case. Has a sapphire crystal, screw down crown and is water resistant to 20 ATM. The dial is anthracite in colour with black sub dials and is an attractive and striking looking watch. The UTC hand is a dual time indicator and is independently set of the main hands and points to a second time zone. If you do not want a second time zone showing, the hand can be set to move in synchronization with the hour hand and it fits behind it perfectly so it will never be seen. Width is 43 mm excluding crown and 46 mm including crown Lug to lug is 48 mm, Thickness is 14 mm. 


Key Characteristics

Brand: Sinn
Band: Leather Strap
Case Material: Steel
Condition: Brand New
Movement: Automatic
Thicknes: 14mm

Additional Product Details

Sinn Watches was formed in 1961 by the legendary pilot and flight instructor Helmut Sinn. They began manufacturing flight watches based on his extensive aviation experience, this was primarily based on Mr. Sinn's dissatisfaction with the watches that were available for pilot and navigational purposes at that time. His own designs incorporated the features and functionality that he felt more fit for purpose as an instrument watch. This is a design philosophy that has transcended the company's culture right through to the present day. Sinn is now the world's most eminent manufacturer of high quality, precision, functional and purposeful instrument watches. From the beginning, their emphasis was on creating special purpose instruments that performed under extremely adverse operating conditions such as high speed, high and low pressures and altitudes, intense heat or pressure, extreme cold, high magnetic interference, and submergence in liquids. Sinn are becoming increasingly known for their instrument watches, and are today a force to be reckoned with as they lead the way in instrument watch design. The company changed hands in 1994 when Lothar Schmidt formerly of IWC assumed control and further expanded the boundaries of Sinn’s high tolerance manufacturing expertise. Over the past decade, Sinn has pioneered some innovative new technologies, including oil filled watch chambers to enable operation under extreme pressures, argon gas filled watches to prevent moisture infiltration, impact resistant gear suspensions, and new micro-lubricating techniques. Their timepieces are standard equipment in some of the most dangerous and adverse environments on earth - little surprise their watches are issued to the German military and elite forces. Above all the watches are manufactured and marketed to the world at large. Like the designs and their application areas, the pricing of the Sinn watches is most aggressive, making them available to most people. Due to distribution agreements Sinn watches can only be shipped to the UK and Ireland and certain countries where there is no Sinn agent assigned to that territory. Sinn watches are covered by a two or three year manufacturers warranty depending on the model.